Crowd Companies™ offers members insight from industry experts and the opportunity to “council-source” ideas and feedback from peers. We get together on interactive calls twice a month and offer in-person summits twice a year. We also put together smaller, issue-specific salons and gather at various industry events, such as SXSW.

In all of this, the bold question we answer is “What role do companies play, if THE CROWD gets what they need from each other?”

Example council topics include:

  • What is driving this movement, and what impacts does the movement have on society, sustainability and stakeholders?
  • How does a model of sharing impact models of consumption?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of local commerce in neighborhoods?
  • What are the benefits and risks of Crowdfunding and Co-Innovation?
  • How can we tap new business models such as on-demand, subscription, and marketplaces?
  • How can global manufacturers partner with the Maker Movement?
  • How will the Collaborative Economy change the workplace and the workforce?
  • How do mobile sensors and the Internet of Things enable these new models?
  • How will 3D printing impact design, manufacturing, supply chain, and more?

Select speakers and topics for 2015

  • Lisa Gansky
    Author, Entrepreneur
    The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing

  • Mark Hatch
    CEO, Techshop
    The Maker Manifesto

  • Arun Sundararajan
    Professor, New York University - Stern School of Business and Center for Urban Science and Progress
    The Economic Impact of the Sharing Economy
  • Other speakers include:
  • Old Power vs. New Power - Jeremy Heimans, co-founder & CEO of the movement-building social business Purpose
  • Marketing, Community and Grassroots Activation - Douglas Atkin, Head of Community at Airbnb
  • How Whole Foods and Instacart have partnered for Crowd Delivery - Brand Powers, Whole Foods
  • How Swisscom has led a crowd-based innovation program - Ursula Oesterle, Swisscom

2015 Event Calendar

January - SF Bay Area, CA

Member Dinner
This evening event showcases the updated Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2, outlining the growth opportunities in the market, as well as introduces 2015 goals, and connects members within the council.

March - Austin, TX

SXSW Meetup, “The Early Adopters”
Learn from the early adopters --Verizon, Hallmark, and Whole Foods -- on how they’ve advanced innovation internally and connected to customers using new crowd-based business models.

May - Disney World, Orlando, FL

Spring Summit, “Crowd Innovation Strategies”
At our two-day summit, learn from industry experts, meet startups and hear case studies from members on how they partner with the crowd for Co-Innovation of new products, integrate startups into the supply chain, and more.

June - Swisscom, Bern, Switzerland

European Salon
Join Crowd Companies at our first event in Europe, bringing together European leaders from large companies and Collaborative Economy startups, hosted by our founding member, Swisscom.

July - Whole Foods, Austin, TX

Future of Food and Hospitality
The crowd is turning their homes into hotels, home kitchens into restaurants, and delivering food on-demand via apps. What business models are required in this future? Join hospitality, consumer packaged goods, appliance, and other brands at the headquarters of Whole Foods, a Crowd Companies founding member.

October - SF Bay Area, CA

The Main Event, Oct 6-7
A two-day event based in the hometown of many sharing and on-demand startups. More details to be shared soon.

2016 Event Calendar

January - SF Bay Area, CA

Member afternoon and dinner, January 21

March - Austin, TX

SXSW Meetup, March 21

April - Kansas City, MO

Spring Summit, April 27-28

June - Munich, Germany

European Salon, June 22

October - SF Bay Area, CA

The Main Event, October 5-6

Other - TBD

Other events under consideration


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